Accurate, evidence-based information about natural medication therapy and management

Maintaining industry compliance

Supporting industry compliance

  • Evidence-based tools and resources

    This module relies on a solid evidence-based foundation. Its associated safety, effectiveness, and interaction ratings are supported by the best available scientific evidence. This evidence is systematically identified and critically evaluated.

  • Seamlessly integrated with AusDI

    Natural Medicines offers an extensive range of monographs and checkers for various foods, herbs, supplements and drugs. These frequently reviewed resources promote medication safety and adherence and greater patient care.

Comprehensive complementary medicines advice

  • Extensive checker database

    Powerful tools allow you to research interaction, effectiveness and safety rating information in relation to other natural medicines and specific medical conditions. They also screen for potential nutrient depletions and adverse reactions.

  • Commercially unbiased

    The primary mission of Natural Medicines is to objectively evaluate data for relevancy and validity. In order to avoid potential conflicts, contributors are not permitted to hold stock in the pharmaceutical, natural product or food industries.

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