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Australia’s holistic and accurate medicines information resource

Trusted by healthcare professionals Australia-wide.

AusDI is the Australian Medicines information resource designed to help Pharmacists, GPs, nurses and healthcare professionals make confident clinical decisions.

30 years

Trusted for more than 30 years by healthcare professionals in Australia

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Access extensive and up-to-date drug content

AusDI’s drug content database is one of the most extensive and up to date in Australia. The database contains over 600 independent drug monographs authored in strict accordance with guidelines developed by an external Editorial Advisory Committee. Rigorously curated proprietary drug content is also included.

  • Independently authored drug monographs
  • Product Summaries
  • Product Information
  • Consumer Medicine Information
  • Medicine Images

Search by brand, indication, dose form and more

With AusDI’s search features, finding drug information is easy, efficient and intuitive. Our leading tools let you find drug content based on —

  • Brand name
  • Active ingredient
  • Therapeutic class
  • Indication
  • Referential resources
  • Dose form
  • Physical characteristics
  • Interactions

Support patient safety with additional medicine content

AusDI offers optional drug data modules for a complete and holistic overview. AusDI helps you safely administer oral medicines and perform holistic interaction checks between therapeutic medicines and natural products with the following —

  • DRTC (Don’t Rush to Crush)
  • IMgateway
  • Natural Medicines

Integrate AusDI medicines information with an easy-to-embed API solution

AusDI Medicines Integrated helps reduce mapping requirements and technical overhead for clinical software vendors, developers and healthcare professionals alike. It can flex to the technical specifications you require and comes with ongoing support.

  • Choose from a range of medicines information datasets
  • Access drug updates automatically, without manual downloads
  • Standardised drug data, mapped to national AMT coding
  • Benefit from support during integration, testing and QA

Take advantage of competitive pricing

Our subscriptions offer competitive medicines information pricing to support you in delivering ideal healthcare to your patients, safely and efficiently.

Single User

For small practices and pharmacies where medicines information will only be accessed by one person.


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Multiple Users

For small to medium practices and pharmacies where information will be accessed by up to three people.


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