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Explore additional drug data modules for a complete and holistic overview

Additional partner content from Don't Rush To Crush (DRTC), IMgateway and TRC Healthcare Natural Medicines, supplements AusDI's comprehensive medicines database – to promote patient safety, education, and clinical decision making.


Don't Rush To Crush (DRTC)

Don't Rush To Crush is published by The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia, and provides an essential reference for pharmacy practices on over 570 oral medicines. Its guides outline how to safely administer oral medicines to people with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties.

Know which medications can be crushed, dispersed, and opened.

Discover whether liquid formations exist or if an injection can be given orally.

Understand how to manage doses less than a whole tablet*.

*for selected medicines

Learn how to administer medicine to patients via enteral tube.

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Integrative Medicine Gateway (IMgateway)

The IMgateway interactions database - developed by the University of Sydney, is used by more than 10,000 healthcare professionals across Australia. It provides recommendations on over 1,200 food-drug, supplement-drug and herb-drug interactions.

Browse over 1,000 supplement-drug, herb-drug and food-drug interaction reports, via the University of Sydney, School of Pharmacy.

View potential interactions as an easy-to-follow traffic light system.


Read relevant evidence on potential interactions and their clinical significance, in an easy-to-read summarised format.

AusDI’s medicine decision content has been created and curated by an in-house team of registered pharmacists for over 30 years, gaining the trust of doctors, pharmacists and universities.

Natural Medicines by TRC Healthcare

The Natural Medicines database is a comprehensive resource available on dietary supplements, herbal medicines, and complementary and integrative therapies. It provides over 1,400 natural medicines monographs, and an easy-to-use industry-leading NMBER® evidence-based rating system

Browse concise monographs and checkers for various herbal and dietary supplements, interactive therapies, and natural medicines.

Research interaction, effectiveness and safety rating information in relation to other natural medicines and specific medical conditions.

Access screening warnings for potential nutrient depletions, adverse reactions, and a pregnancy and lactation checker.

Search using unbiased and accurate information.

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