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Medicines Database

Find accurate drug information quickly and easily

Whether you’re a pharmacist, GP, nurse, or another healthcare professional, you can only make sound medical decisions if you have the right drug information.

Our premium search features help make finding accurate drug information easy, efficient, and intuitive for all healthcare professionals. Make critical choices with confidence and achieve higher levels of safety in all that you do for your patients.

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Advanced search functions help locate drug information at the deepest levels

Advanced Search functions are perfect for clinical librarians, medicines information pharmacists or anyone searching using granular detail.

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Find drug information fast

Quick Search enables you to find drug content based on:

  • Brand name
  • Active Ingredient
  • Therapeutic Class
  • Indication

Perform high-speed searches using keywords

High-speed Free Text Search indexes drug information within AusDI. Use keywords to search AusDI enabling access to hard-to-find drug information, quickly.

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Refine search results with ease

Advanced Product Search allows limitations to be placed on any given search within AusDI. Use AND, OR, NOT operators to cut out the unnecessary and go straight to the drug information you need.

Identify drugs by their physical attributes

Product Identifier allows drugs to be identified by their physical attributes, quickly and accurately.

Identify a drug by —

  • Dose form
  • Colours
  • Markings
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Get a comprehensive overview of every drug in the database

Drug products in AusDI come with the following referential resources —

Consumer Medicines Information

Comprehensive and up-to-date collection of CMIs. Carefully curated and easy to find, to enhance patient education and medicine safety.

Medicine Images

Images to help health care professionals identify drugs visually and dispense medicines with certainty

Product Summaries

A high-level snapshot of the drug product. All of a product’s basic information in the one place for quick, easy access.

Product Information

TGA-registered product information in an easy-to-read format on screen, removing the need for PDF downloads.

Independent Drug Monographs

More than 600 monographs authored and curated by our independent editorial team. One of Australia’s largest and most up-to-date collections, written at ingredient and product class levels.

AusDI’s medicine decision content has been created and curated by an in-house team of registered pharmacists for over 30 years, gaining the trust of doctors, pharmacists and universities.

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Pinpoint drug interactions for increased medications safety

View all drug-drug and drug-food interactions by searching a single drug or multiple as needed.

  • Duplicate therapy warnings and shared adverse effects notices
  • Short-form warnings are available for interactions
  • For a comprehensive overview, 5000+ drug interaction monographs are also available as pop-ups

Add-on partner content

Additional referential resources to help provide a holistic overview of drugs in AusDI.


Natural Medicines

A comprehensive resource available on dietary supplements, natural medicines, complementary alternatives and integrative therapies.

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IMgateway is a locally researched, evidence-based interactions database. It provides recommendations on approximately 1,000 food-drug, supplement-drug and herb-drug interactions.

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Don’t Rush to Crush

DRTC information appears as and when needed to help determine whether or not a drug is safe to crush and give to a patient with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties.

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