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Editorial process

Written and curated by registered Australian Pharmacists

AusDI's content is authored and curated by a team of registered Australian pharmacists, AusDI's drug content database is the deepest, most extensive, and up-to-date in Australia, enabling you to make important decisions with certainty.

AusDI is the Australian Medicines information resource designed to help Pharmacists, GPs, nurses and healthcare professionals make confident clinical decisions.


Developed in accordance with independent EAC Guidelines

AusDI is supported by an independent Editorial Advisory Committee consisting of esteemed industry stakeholders. The role of the Editorial Advisory Committee is to provide consultation and guidelines to ensure the safety and quality of medicines information.

Dr. Jenny Gowan


PhD, Grad Dip Comm Pharm, PhC, FACPP, FPS

Consultant Pharmacist

Dr. Treasure McGuire

PhD, B Pharm, BSc, Postgrad Dip Clin Hosp Pharm

Assistant Director of Pharmacy (Practice & Development), Mater Hospitals, South Brisbane, Queensland

Prof. Andrew McLachlan

Rigorously reviewed and updated

Drug content is curated from regulatory bodies and primary sources, before being rigorously checked, referenced, and validated against third-party sources and uploaded into AusDI.
Content is updated monthly and time-stamped, to reflect advances in/evolving research, legislation, guidelines, and medication safety.
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Enhanced with extended referential medicines content

AusDI's database is complemented by 600+ independently authored, clinically relevant drug monographs, approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and regulatory jurisdictions outside of Australia, where relevant.

Each monograph contains therapeutic class, indications, pharmacology/pharmacokinetics, precautions, adverse effects, dosing information, revision date, and more - providing a rich and in-depth database that promotes medicines education and safety.

Supplemented by additional partner content

Additional partner content from Don't Rush To Crush (DRTC), IMgateway and TRC Healthcare Natural Medicines, supplements AusDI's comprehensive medicines database – to promote patient safety, education, and clinical decision making.

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AusDI medicines database is curated by a team of Australian editorial pharmacists and helps to power over 80 million consults every year, by more than 50% of Australian GPs.

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